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Trinity Graduate Spotlight

Elizabeth Yarnell, CNC, CHHP, ND

For me, it all started one night in 1999 when I went to sleep as usual and awoke blind in my right eye. Soon afterward, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
I was told that 80% of MS patients experience significant disabilities within ten years of diagnosis...

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Debbie Thomas, CNHP

Soul Tender Wellness

I have been considered a "health nut" by most, for the bulk of my life, being raised by 2 parents who were very much into fitness and healthy eating. I was given a great example to follow as a child, especially growing up on a large farm in Illinois with a gigantic garden and "living off the land"...

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Guillermo Caal, ND, CNHP

Greater Cincinnati Natural Health

When my oldest son was five years old, he was diagnosed with asthma. His episodes were severe enough that we had to visit the ER a few times. This raised my level of stress considerably. I couldn't relax, especially when he had to go to different activities without us.
I consulted multiple doctors and specialists, and all of them had...

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Brooke Vasilko, CHHP, MI

Naturally Living Me

Natural Health was never on my radar until I, myself, became sick 10 years ago with mysterious symptoms ranging from body aches, stiff neck, fatigue, anxiety, gut issues, fevers, etc. Eventually, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, heavy metal toxicity, parasites, food sensitivities, viral infections and...

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Kelly Cullen, ND, CHHP, CHS

Pleasant Wellness

When I was 11 years old, I started suffering from chronic headaches and digestive issues. I took pain killers every day for 12 years, until I went to see a Naturopath. She helped me understand the root cause of my issues and taught me how to support my own body to achieve better health. I started to understand that health isn't about...

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Kazuo Uyama, ND

C'est Si Bon Company

As I have been in the natural food industry for many years, I became interested and fascinated with the mechanism of the human body that can heal itself, through the power of homeostatic ability, when our body loses or fluctuates bodily equilibrium. I still love this body's natural resiliency...

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Lisa Atkinson, ND, CNHP, MES

A Better Way 2 Fitness

I have always been interested in ways to stay healthy, especially as an athlete (dancer). I studied exercise physiology and how to use exercise as medicine. As I got older, my cholesterol began to rise and exercise and diet were not enough to keep it balanced. I did not want to go on medication, so I found a naturopath who helped me...

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Lisa LeVie, ND

Soul Sista's Reiki and Wellness

I became interested in natural health while pregnant with my youngest child. It was 2009-2010 when the H1N1 flu was all the talk. My doctor's office and hospital mandated that I get the flu shot before delivering the baby, or I would not be able to labor there. I reluctantly agreed and within 4 hours was in preterm labor. I was sent to the ER for emergency...

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Marty Rhea, ND, MH, CNC

Prevention & Healing of Texas

I've always been an "outside the box" thinker. As a young adult, I became disillusioned with what seemed to me as promises broken by conventional medicine. I started looking at other ways of doing things. I did all this in baby steps, because there was no internet at the time, and I didn't even know where to look to find...

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Mary Olodun, CNHP, LEHP, BCNHP, ND

Trilera Holistic Care, LLC

I grew up very sickly because I loved sugar and milk. No one knew the devastation it would have on my health because, prior to my generation, people didn't have access to processed candy and foods or homogenized dairy products. Eating these products became a normal and acceptable lifestyle. My single parent had no idea why her baby girl was...

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Michele Varley, ND, CNC

Nutritional Needs Wellness Center

All my life I felt as though something wasn't quite right with my body. In the early '90s, I was diagnosed with Lupus and the allopathic system of medicine was the only recourse I knew at that time. After years of treatment, I was then diagnosed with liver cancer. Intuitively knowing that the protocols of standard medical treatment were no longer...

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Rebekah Araromi, ND, CNHP

Gilgal Health Initiative

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 invasive carcinoma on my left breast in 2001. I was completely healed through natural therapies, including a diet change, juicing, exercise, and a few supplements. After my healing, the news went around my country, Nigeria, and many people started calling me to know how I became well. This was the beginning...

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Sandra Diaz, ND

Soma Ortho Energy Therapy

It all started 26 years ago when my second child had severe pain in his knees and no doctor was able to diagnose or find why this was happening. All the medical tests were showing that he was completely fine and within normal parameters. After many years of all types of treatments and prescription drugs without any results, I decided....

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Sheila Day, BCND, CNHP, CHS

Natural Wellness with Sheila

Working as a Paramedic for many years, I saw my patients being prescribed more and more pharmaceuticals, leading to more and more health problems. They were not being given any education about "health". Frequent diabetic emergencies took me to homes full of junk non-foods that I knew were keeping them sick. I always asked if anyone....

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