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Lisa LeVie, ND

Lisa's Story

Soul Sista's Reiki and Wellness

I became interested in natural health while pregnant with my youngest child. It was 2009-2010 when the H1N1 flu was all the talk. My doctor's office and hospital mandated that I get the flu shot before delivering the baby, or I would not be able to labor there. I reluctantly agreed and within 4 hours was in preterm labor. I was sent to the ER for emergency labor ceasing shots, which I know now was even more detrimental to me and the baby, and sent home to be on bed rest. My first three pregnancies were natural, all normal and healthy. When I eventually labored, it was very difficult. I had issues and almost needed an emergency C-section. I knew the minute I held him something was not right. When I got home with him, I began to research the effects of vaccines and the drugs I was given during my preterm labor. Time passed and I knew my son had Autism. I was able to get him diagnosed very early, due to being in education and having some connections. I cleaned out our house, our diets, and our lifestyle dramatically after this and began my journey with naturopathy. All my hard work and study has paid off. My youngest son is verbal and very high functioning in a private school with no support. He has a very strict diet and vitamin and supplement regimen, but most people would never know he has Autism.

Since I graduated from Trinity, I have become a small business owner. I opened Soul Sista's Reiki and Wellness with my business partner in 2019. I offer wellness visits, Bach Flower remedies, Reiki, and Spiritual Guidance. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and Ordained Minister and Spiritual Intuitive.

I love being able to give people real, honest, and natural wellness recommendations and see the incredible transformations take place when they realize their body is an amazing healing machine. I love being part of their journey to natural wellness and seeing them realize how remarkable naturopathy, herbalism, and Bach Flowers truly are.

Trinity has helped me achieve my goals through solid education and training. I was so impressed with my instructors, and this comes from someone who was in education administration for over 20 years before embarking on this journey. I feel so confident when people see my diploma and certificates on my office walls. It is such a good feeling knowing that I have been given some of the best tools to take with me on this naturopathy wellness journey with my clients.